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About Ron Oates

Ron Oates’ name is a familiar one to anyone who has ever perused a CD insert or read the back of an album cover. The list of friends and artists with whom he’s recorded reads like pages from a dreamscape… unreal.

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The Phelps Sisters

Lauren Harding

Anna Owens

Partial List of Gold and Platinum Albums


“American Made” Gold
“American Made” Platinum
“Christmas” Gold
“Christmas” Platinum
“Bobbie Sue” Gold
“Fancy Free” Gold
“Fancy Free” Platinum
“Together” Gold
“The Oak Ridge Boys Have Arrived”    Gold
“Y’all Come Back Saloon” Gold
“Greatest Hits” Gold
“Deliver” Gold
“Room Service” Gold
“Fancy Free” Double Platinum
“Collection” Gold
“Oak Ridge Boys Greatest Hits” Platinum
“Oak Ridge Boys Greatest Hits 2” Gold
“Oak Ridge Boys Greatest Hits 2” Platinum


“Greatest Hits” Gold


“9 to 5” Gold
“9 to 5” Platinum
“The Best of Dolly Parton” Gold
“Greatest Hits” Gold
“Greatest Hits” Platinum


“Super Hits” Gold
“Chiseled In Stone” Gold
“10 Years Of Greatest Hits” Gold


“Don’t Stop Believin'” Gold


“Greatest Hits” Gold


“A Thousand Winding Roads” Gold


“The Royal Treatment” Gold


“One Day At A Time” Multi-Platinum


“And I Love You So” Gold


“A Time For Feeling” Gold
“A Time Together” Gold
“A Time For Feeling” Platinum

Gold and Platinum Singles


“Elvira” Gold
“Elvira” Gold/Platinum 

(double award)

“Bobbie Sue” Gold
“Thank God For Kids”         Platinum


“Watching Scotty Grow” Gold/Platinum