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Gold and Platinum Albums

The Oak Ridge Boys:    
"American Made" Gold
"American Made" Platinum
  "Christmas" Gold
  "Christmas" Platinum
  "Bobbie Sue" Gold
  "Fancy Free" Gold
  "Fancy Free" Platinum
  "Together" Gold
  "The Oak Ridge Boys Have Arrived"    Gold
  "Y'all Come Back Saloon" Gold
  "Greatest Hits" Gold
  "Deliver" Gold
  "Room Service" Gold
  "Fancy Free" Double Platinum
  "Collection" Gold
  "Oak Ridge Boys Greatest Hits" Platinum
  "Oak Ridge Boys Greatest Hits 2" Gold
  "Oak Ridge Boys Greatest Hits 2" Platinum
Lynn Anderson:    
  "Greatest Hits" Gold
Dolly Parton:    
  "9 to 5" Gold
  "9 to 5" Platinum
  "The Best of Dolly Parton" Gold
  "Greatest Hits" Gold
  "Greatest Hits" Platinum
Vern Gosdin:    
  "Super Hits" Gold
  "Chiseled In Stone" Gold
  "10 Years Of Greatest Hits" Gold
Olivia Newton-John:    
  "Don't Stop Believin' " Gold
Earl Thomas Conley:    
  "Greatest Hits" Gold
Joe Diffie:    
  "A Thousand Winding Roads" Gold
Billy Joe Royal:    
  "The Royal Treatment" Gold
Cristy Lane:    
  "One Day At A Time" Multi-Platinum
Perry Como:    
  "And I Love You So" Gold
John Brack:    
  "A Time For Feeling" Gold
  "A Time Together" Gold
  "A Time For Feeling" Platinum

Gold and Platinum Singles

The Oak Ridge Boys:    
  "Elvira" Gold
  "Elvira" Gold/Platinum (double award)
  "Bobbie Sue" Gold
  "Thank God For Kids" Platinum

Special Billboard Magazine Award

Earl Thomas Conley's RCA album "Don't Make It Easy For Me"... "TO RECOGNIZE THE HISTORICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT OF FOUR NUMBER ONE SINGLES FROM ONE ALBUM" This was the first time in the history of the music industry that one album contained four number one singles. This includes Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones... ETC was the first with this achievement.

NARAS "Superpicker Awards"

These awards were given for the first time in 1974. The last Superpicker Awards were given in 1979.

1974 2 Awards
1975 1 Award
1976 3 Awards
1977 1 Award
1978 3 Awards
1979 3 Awards

NARAS Special Award "For Valuable And Devoted Service"